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About Guaranty Bank

Since 1943, Guaranty Bank & Trust Company has been serving the Delta as a locally owned and operated institution. The Bank’s philosophy has always been to provide the best in banking products along with personal, quality customer service.

Guaranty Bank and Trust’s mission is to set the standard in its communities for excellence in financial service products and their delivery, to strengthen the communities it serves, and to help improve the quality of life in those areas while realizing the greatest benefit for our shareholders, employees and customers.

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Impact Story

The Community Development Department of Guaranty Bank & Trust began a program of financial literacy training in the Mississippi Delta in 2012.  To establish the program, the bank partnered with other organizations with the same focus whose members had been teaching similar classes throughout Mississippi. One partner, the Mississippi Community Financial Access Coalition (MCFAC) since has taken on an administrative lead for the program. 

This program is a collaborative effort between financial institutions, MCFAC, Guaranty Bank & Trust, FDIC Money Smart, MS State Extension Service, Housing Authorities, Head Start Centers, The United Way, local government entities, and other non-profit community and faith-based organizations. The goal of this initiative is not only to teach individuals financial literacy education, but to provide them with tools, strategies, and access to low cost banking products and services that helps them build or rebuild credit and establish the base for overall financial wealth building.  The curriculum is broad in content with the objective to help individuals build assets by reducing debt, increasing savings and gaining financial confidence.

In 2014, 703 individuals completed the class. Guaranty Bank & Trust alone has extended 197 Small Dollar Loans to the graduated participants, noting successful creditworthiness as a result of the program. The amount of loans received through other participating financial institutions is now known.
Additionally, Guaranty Bank has made 33 second loans to past participants of the program, often of a higher amount than the original loan, indicating improvements in credit scores.