First Eagle Bank

Serving small business owners, real estate investors and consumers in the greater Chicago metro area.

About First Eagle Bank

The mission of First Eagle Bank builds on its legacy of community partnership and economic development by cultivating long-lasting, all-inclusive relationships with its customers and communities. By combining both technology and exceptional personalized service to small businesses and consumers, First Eagle Bank responds to needs in underserved communities, while continuing to thrive as an independent, entrepreneurial bank.

First Eagle Bank’s continuing success is closely tied to the economic and financial health of the communities it serves. First Eagle is committed to the neighborhoods and businesses where staff and customers live and work. The Bank puts its financial and human resources to work through direct financial support, partnerships, and volunteer resources. 

Throughout the Bank, staff remains community-focused and actively involved in forming vital partnerships. These partnerships, in turn, foster a better understanding of the specific needs of the communities we serve, and particularly underserved populations.

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First Eagle Bank is a member of the NCIF Network:

  • BankImpact Dashboards Reporting Bank
  • Social Performance Working Group Member
  • NMTC 3-Way Partnership Partner

Impact Story

“Ms. Smith” has been a customer of First Eagle since June 2012, after learning about the Bank’s credit builder product. She came to the bank with no Chex Systems record and a bruised credit score of 553. She opened a savings account of her own, as well as a nine-month $500 credit builder loan. Ms. Smith made each of her payments on time and paid off the loan in full, improving her credit score by 68 points. Her credit builder savings allowed her to open a checking account, and her improved credit qualified her for a debit card with limits of $300 at an ATM and $500 at point of sale, eligible for review after six months of good history. Ms. Smith has continued to make deposits into her savings account, and has increased her balance substantially. First Eagle’s personal bankers look forward to growing this relationship and helping Ms. Smith develop her financial resources.