Urban Partnership Bank

Building vibrant urban neighborhoods to make a difference everyday.

About Urban Partnership Bank

Urban Partnership Bank was established in August 2010 when private investors acquired the deposits and assets of ShoreBank from the FDIC. Urban Partnership Bank provides loans and other financial services and products to people and businesses in communities where they are often unavailable and unaffordable from traditional banks and nonbank lenders. Its services support small businesses to create good jobs with good pay, strengthen nonprofits and faith-based organizations to help them fulfill their mission, renovate neglected real estate to revitalize neighborhoods, and promote economic and environmental sustainability. Urban Partnership Bank delivers financial services that help entrepreneurs and proprietors grow sustainable small businesses and create good jobs. Recently, Urban Partnership Bank began offering SBA financing to help develop small businesses by offering access to working capital that is often unavailable to them.

The mission of Urban Partnership Bank is to make a difference everyday: serving our customers, building vibrant urban neighborhoods, promoting economic and environmental sustainability, and creating longterm success for our communities and bank.

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Urban Partnership is a member of the NCIF Network:

  • BankImpact Dashboards Reporting Bank
  • Social Performance Working Group Member
  • NMTC 3-Way Partnership Partner
  • Equity Investee Bank

Impact Story

An estimated 23 million people nationwide live in food deserts—urban and rural communities with limited access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. And many feared that number would increase on Chicago’s South Side, where grocery shopping opportunities had dwindled after a major supermarket chain closed its doors. But thanks to the expertise of Trice Construction Company, an Urban Partnership Bank customer, area residents are finding that a once-desolate stretch of South Clark Street is becoming a food oasis. According to Stephanie Hickman, president and CEO of Trice, the company’s work at Mariano’s was just one of many successes in 2013—the best year in Trice’s 47-year history. What made all that possible, Hickman says, was the financing her company had gotten from Urban Partnership Bank. “It was just the perfect, wonderful storm—we called it summer madness. We were going so many different places each day,” she says. “If we hadn’t had that line of credit, we probably would have had to say no to the work.”